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Please note that this list of features is a summary included in all modules.
  • The website contains 8 public pages.
    The contents of each webpage (text and photos) can be modified as required by any assigned member.
    Links to other webpages or other websites can include in the text.
  • Aircraft Booking System
    • Book an aircraft without or with an available instructor.
    • An easy overview shows time-lined bookings for; aircraft, pilots and instructors.
    • Rescheduling or cancelling your booking is just as easy
    • A confirmation email is sent, after an aircraft booking or change of that, to instigator (and instructor if applicable).
    • Block bookings from pilots that are not current; BFR, Medical, etc. (on/off setting).
    • Define availability of each aircraft (being in service or not)
    • Instructors can specify unavailability: e.g. never on Sat, Sun, etc. On top of that they can specify a date range (e.g. on holiday), or a time-range (e.g. to dentist).
    • Specify first and last hour of bookings page.
    • Define a Trial flight booking.
    • One or more Booking Schedulers can be assigned to instigate bookings on behalf of instructors.
    • And more...
  • Multi-level Management system
    Your website administrator (e.g. the secretary) can assign each member an access-level allowing access to basic and special features.
  • Basic and high access-levels features
    • Updating any member's details
    • Flight hours for each pilot for selected month
    • Creating new members and removing expired members
    • Expired members remain in the database as a reference and in case they would renew.
    • Aircraft Flights Analysis for a selected month
    • Upload/download public documents
    • Upload/download restricted access documents (members only)
    • Email all members or selected group (e.g. committee, instructors)
  • Treasurer
    • Flights log entry
    • Dates and flown hours for each member, plus total hours for the selected month.
    • Number of flights and hours for each instructor.
    • Number of Trial Flights for the selected month.


MyAeroClubTM is a modular system. This allows you can start with a low buget configuration and expand your features as required.

The Basic System configuration includes 8 public club webpages plus a Pages Content Management system.

The following modules can be added:
  1. Members database and Management - by administrator and individual members
  2. Aircraft Booking System
  3. Flights Analysis
  4. Email system, emailing all or selected members
  5. Flights Accounting System - logging and accounts info
  6. Buy online Trial Flight Vouchers - e.g. 30, 45 and 60 minutes
  7. Buy online Shop
  8. Other: we can develop and include modules to suite your specific requirements.

Interested? Interested?

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